UPDATE: Freighter Amurskaya hull could have been damaged during loading.

November 19, 2012

The hull of the Amurskaya bulk-carrier, which has sunk in the Sea of Okhotsk recently, could have been damaged during the loading of gold-bearing ore. Investigators believe the damage may have been done by the use of the high tide-low tide method. Meanwhile, the search is continuing for the missing ship crewmembers. The BE-200 amphibious plane is exploring the water area and coastal area of the Shantar Islands, where the accident occurred. Earlier, rescuers spotted, from aboard the plane, something that looked like a life raft there, but then they lost sight of it. The Amurskaya freighter ship was transporting ore with an overload in excess of 100 tons when she was lost in the area of the Shantar Islands on October 28. An approximately 10-strong crew was on board the ship, according to various reports. The sunken vessel was found at the depth of 25 metres several days later. The body of one crewmember was also found. But what may have happened to the rest of the crew remains unknown.

Source: http://portnews.ru/news/149408/

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