Salvage works on grounded boxship Celina are to start March 12, with pumping out all the fuel on board. Weather is better than it was expected, preparations for transferring fuel from the vessel were under way since March 10. Vessel is in stable condition. The photos below from The Norwegian Coastal Administration.


March 9, at around 20:30 LT, the  boxship Celina ran aground on rocks at Gang island near Maloy, western Norway, en route from Olesund. Vessel got holes portside, in engine room area. Norwegian media reported engine room nearly flooded, there is leak, but Norway Rescue Service said leak is small and contained by booms. There are about 270 tons of heavy oil and 70 tons of diesel fuel on board, and cargo of 165 containers, loaded mainly with fish and fertilizers. The 12 from 14 crew were evacuated, 2 stay on board for salvage operation. Manager signed salvage contract, there are two tugs near the distressed Celina.


Boxship Celina IMO 9235373, dwt 8350, capacity 650 TEU, built 2002, flag Antigua, manager Klingenberg Bereederungs- und Befrachtungs GmbH, Germany.


On photos from Norway Rescue Service distressed Celina. 14 crew members include Russian, Philippines and Ukranian nationalities, report Russian media.

Photos taken March 10th:

Grounded reefer Bereg Nadezhdy update:  November 15 at 07:55 MSK The MRCC Murmansk received distress call from reefer Bereg Nadezhdy, vessel dragged an anchor and grounded in position 69 17.57N 034 23.28E, Murman coastline, Kildin Bay. Ballast tank holed, small controllable water ingress in engine room, vessel developed port side 2 deg list, 10 meters to the shore, vessel stuck between two big rocks, refloating possible only in fine weather with high tide. Two tugs dispatched to the distress reefer, later in the day one of the crew with broken leg was evacuated by helicopter. Weather in the area: wind 25 meters/sec, sea 3-4 meters.

Reefer Bereg Nadezhdy IMO 8218603, dwt 13879, built 1982, flag Russia, owner RIMSKO Co., Vladivostok. Crew 29.

Two towing vessel of LLC ""Gazflot"" - ""Saturn"" and ""Neptune"" - took an active part in the rescue of distressed fishing ship ""Cameo, off the coast of Sakhalin Island - The press service of ""Gazflot"" reports. The signal from the distress the schooner was received on the ships VHF station ""Saturn"", which was anchored in the bay of Zyrianskaya. ""Cameo"" was anchored just south of the port of Kholmsk with a faulty engine. Due to strong gusts the anchor chain was broken and the schooner began to drift. There was a threat of release of the bank.


Following the instructions of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Rescue center, tugs proceeded to the ship in distress. Upon arrival, the sailors began to carry out work on the winding of tow rope and tow ""Cameo"" to a safe distance from the shore. Then the vessel was delivered to the port of Kholmsk raid, but later transferred to tugs.


LLC ""Gazflot"" is a 100 percent subsidiary of OJS ""Gazprom"", created in 1994 to implement a uniform policy in the field of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas deposits on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation. The Company has positioned itself in the structure of OJS ""Gazprom"" as a company that provides the full range of works on the development of offshore gas fields, transportation of goods by sea, as well as other species of marine works.



The sea tugboat ""Naporistyy"" (Assertive), the owner CJSC ""Rimsco,"" home port of Vladivostok, whiped out into the shallow of coastal waters to the Bezymyanniy cape, port of Vladivostok, March 18, 2012. According to the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, during the rescue was injured crew member. The tug was bound from the Golden Horn Bay in the Amur Bay for ice posting the tanker ""Fateyevo."" According to the preliminary report of the crew, leakage and oil pollution wasnt found. To remove the the aground ship there has been involved by the owner a tow boat ""Diomede"". During the rescue mooring was injured second mate of the tug ""Naporistyy."" The ""Diomede,"" provided the victim by first aid. During night, March 19 tugs ""Diomede,"" and ""Grif"" removed ""Naporistyy"" from the shallows. The vessel proceeded independently for diving inspection of the wharf dockyard ""Dalzavod.""




The sea tugboat ""Naporisty"" (Assertive)


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In the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky onboard of the ship "PTR-0074" (home port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, owner of LLC "Shumshu") that was moored at the pier in repair company "Sudoremservis" in the of morning of March 22, 2012 the fire occurred. According to the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, the vessel has got the fire of the inner insulation under the deck during the welding crew dockside. The fire was extinguished by fire brigades of the Main Emergency Department of Russia on the Kamchatka Territory. No victims or oil spills.

Fire on board of Containership Hyundai Shingapore (flag of England), the next flight of Oakland (USA) - Busan (South Korea), lost 40 containers in the Pacific Ocean, on board the ship caught fire. According to the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre theres the fire on deck of a burning container.


The ship is located 38 miles east of the island of Urup in the area of ​​responsibility marine rescue sub-center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (N 45.30 E 150.45). The distress signal was not sent. To clarify the situation and verify the preliminary information the Japanese side dispatched to the area of ​​the aircraft.


The communication channel is established with the vessel and the shipowner. Overall coordination of the interaction with the Japanese side shall Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of Vladivostok. Notification is given to the courts in the presence of sea navigation in the area of ​​danger from floating containers.

Russian reefer Simfoniya on May 1 2012 lost steering control in position 34 46N 167 45E, 1100 nm W of Midway islands, 1100 nm E of Hokkaido island, deep in the Pacific. MRCC Moscow reported, that the crew found rudder was missing, vessel disabled and adrift. No details yet how the rudder was lost. Two Japanese fishing vessels directed to distressed Simfoniya to provide assistance if required, ETA May 3. Owner dispatched another reefer, sister-ship Garmonia (IMO 8516639, dwt 3642, built 1990), to the distressed Simfoniya, planning to tow her to one of the Far East ports, depending on situation. As of morning May 2 Garmonia was in Vladivostok port, it’s some 1800 nm from Simfoniya, ETA May 8-9.


Reefer Simfoniya IMO 8516627, dwt 3750, built 1989, flag Russia, owner ALKAID SHIPPING CO LTD, manager PETA CHEMICAL CO LTD, Vladivostok.