There in dockside plant ""Pregol"" in Kaliningrad was a fire in the hold of the cargo ship ""Ave Maria"". To extinguish the fire brought several fire brigades, ""Interfax"". No deads orinjuries as reported.
According to preliminary information, the fire broke out on the nearest vessel in the territory of SRH. Fire increased number assigned complexity, on-site fire brigades work 6.

m/v ""Petrozavodsk"" (flag Russia, the shipowner JSC ""Onegoship"", Saint-Petersburg, the crew - 12 people) February 4, 2013 ran aground on the right brow Azov-Don Sea Channel. According to the information bulletin of the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, the ship should have the channel in a caravan flight Rostov-on-Don - Hereke (Turkey), with 3600 tons of scrap metal on board.

Motor vessel made out of time turning maneuver from third to second leg of the channel and went beyond the curb at 100 meters and ran aground. No victims, water pollution with oil products was reported. The accident occurred as a result of the Navigation mistake by the master, the report said. Attempts to remove the ship from the shallows by the icebreakers ""Kapitan Chudinov"" and ""Captain Harchikov failed. In the area there is a strong decline in the water level so finding of the ship by the icebreakers have recognized as danger.

Captain of the port of Azov has decided to wait for daylight and the rising waters. In the area there is the south-west wind speed 8.6 m / s, the visibility is 2 miles, no ice. Directs the operation and investigate the accident captain sea port of Azov.

The fishery in the eastern part of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk to the ship ""Vostok-1"" (shipowner JSC ""Kazakhstan East - 1"") left off the main engine. As stated in the State Advisories Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Russian Transport Ministry citing the Federal Fisheries Agency, resulting in the ship lost speed and is the drift.

M/v vessel ""Justice"" (FGU ""Primorrybvod"") approached to the ship and start towing her to the west coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Anchorage - 6 miles west of Cape Levashov. Placing an emergency vessel anchored, m/v ""Spravedliviy"" will proceed to the ship ""Nicholas Hort"" for diving systems for the release of the vessel from the winding networks. After completion of of works m/v ""Spravedliviy"" will tow ""Vostok-1"" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


Fire on board of trawler Okhotnik, Vladivostok

December 22, 2012

Fire erupted on board of trawler Okhotnik berthed in Vladivostok port, on Dec 23. Emergency service received an emergency call at around 06:40 LT. 5 crew were on board, they left the vessel, 1 of them was hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning. City fire fighting teams arrived to the scene, fire reportedly, covers the area of some 20 sq meters. No other details available. Vessel presumably is in a lay up, being docked in Vladivostok at least from the end of October. Trawler Okhotsk IMO 8325690, displacement 2472 tons, built 1983, flag Russia, owner SEIL Co., Nakhodka.

m/v Titan ran aground on the Don river M/v "Titan" (shipowner LLC "Prime Shipping" home port Samara, Georgia - vacuum gas oil) November 19, 2012 during the shooting with the anchor ran aground on the right side of the fairway on the 3084-km of the River Don. According to the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of Ministry of Transport of Russia, no hit, damage, oil spills and interference with navigation were reported. Motor vessel expects rising waters and tugboats to refloat. Source:
06.09.2012 - Танкер «Георгий Фройер» отбуксирован на ремонт в порт Находка Танкер «Георгий Фройер» (флаг Россия, порт приписки Владивосток, судовладелец ЗАО «СК« Дельта ») утром 6 сентября 2012 года отбуксирован в порт Находка для проведения ремонтных работ. Об этом сообщается в материалах Государственного морского спасательно-координационного центра (ГМСКЦ) Минтранса России. Напомним, танкер «Георгий Фройер» в конце августа 2012 года потерял ход при маневрировании для постановки на якорь в результате поломки главного двигателя на подходе к порту Южно-Курильск. Судно стало на якорь, глубина - 25 м. Экипаж судна - 20 человек, груз - 4259,7 тонн топочного мазута, судовые запасы: 265,4 тонны мазута, 25,2 тонны ГСМ, 92 тонны воды.  Пострадавших, разлива нефтепродуктов нет.