In the water area of ​​the port of Azov at 02:35 Moscow time on August 6, 2017, the tug ""Hero I.
Petrov"" (port registration Rostov-on-Don, shipowner Araks LLC, enroute Rostov-on-Don - Caucasus) with a barge ""Baltis"" (cargo wheat 3732 tons, TTD barges: length 102 m, width 14 m, draft 5,3 m) went out behind the red curb and the barge ran aground at 3,164th km, buoy No. 96, the draft loss was 1 m nose, the aft afloat, the soil soft silt. According to the information of the Rosmorrechflot Rescue and Coordination Center, available to the PortNews, the tugboat ""Shlyuzovoy"" was sent to remove the emergency ship from the ground. No victims, damage, pollution, obstacles to navigation reported.

At 06:00 Moscow time on August 7 barge ""Baltis"" with a load of wheat is in the same position. Work to remove the barge from the shallows continues with tugs ""Hero I. Petrov""and ""Shlyuzovoy 90 "". Attempts to remove the barge from the shallows at night had no success. The shipowner of tugboats and barges is working out various solutions to the problem. Weather: northeast wind 3-4 m/s.