When following to exit to the northern leg of the Kola Bay due to the failure of the steering device, the fishing seiner Kapitan Kogelev (the shipowner of Sevros LLC, the port of registration of Murmansk) at 20:33 MSK on November 16, 2017 carried to the eastern shore of the bay near Cape Baklaniy. According to the information of the Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, the PortNews IAA, a hole was obtained in the port side below the waterline, water enters the engine compartment. At 22:40 MSK, the tug ""RB-108"" (the ship-owner of the Northern Fleet) took nine crewmen from a life raft and delivered them to Polyarny.

The fuel tanks are sealed, there is no fuel spill. The shipowner decides on the removal of the emergency ship from the shallows.