In the port of Vladivostok, berth No.44 of OOO Kantegir on the trawler Bereg Mechty (ship owner of ZAO ""Rimsko"", the vessel lays in ballast, no supplies, de-energized, crew of three on duty) at 06:30 GMT on December  25 water level in the engine room was found 10 cm higher. According to the Rosmorrechflot Rescue and Coordination Center, a marine tugboat Grif (shipowner of ZAO Rimsko) approached to the trawler. Pumping of water from the engine room into tanks Nos. 32, 33 is carried out, the underwater part of the hull will be inspected by divers after the storm warning to be canceled.

The reason of water income in hull of the vessel was not revealed. No affected or pollution of the environment there. The water stopped flowing into the engine room of the trawler.