The Russian ship "Mekhanik Yartsev" gave serious heel in the waters of the Solent Strait near the entrance to the bay of the English city of Portsmouth. This was reported on Tuesday by the British Coast Guard.
"The Royal Coast Guard is currently engaged in providing assistance to a Russian vessel that has tilted significantly near Portsmouth Bay, although it has received considerable leeway, her electricity supply remains and the vessel is in a stable position," the report says. It states that 13 crew members are safe and do not have health problems.

The Coast Guard also informed that the m/v Mekhanik Yartsev is currently anchored in the Solent Strait. To help the Russians sent a pilot boat, specialists from which assess the condition of the timber carrier and the cargoes located in its holds. At the scene, there are also two tugs and a lifeboat, capable of operating under any weather conditions, TASS reported:

In addition, the report says that every half hour the coast guard tracks weather forecasts, which so far indicate the probability of a strong wind and a storm. Nevertheless, she is considering the possibility of towing the vessel to a potential mooring spot in Portsmouth Bay.