In the water area of ​​the port of Onega, the freighter ""Mekhanik Kotsov"" with a cargo of lumber ran aground.

Freighter ""Mekhanik Kotsov"" (registration port Arkhangelsk, cargo of lumber in packages 3903.3 cubic meters), following the route on the port of Onega to St.Malo, at 00:06 MSK, August 16, 2018, when leaving the port of Onega (Arkhangelsk region ) with the pilot on board due to the failure of the main engine ran aground on the Pikhnemskiy alignment in the area of ​​buoy No.5. According to the information of the Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, a towboat ""Triton"" was sent to help with the removal of the shallows.
On the ship there is a continuous control over the watertightness of the hull, there is no watercourse.
No affected or pollution of the environment there reported.