Freighter Mekhanik Kotsov took off from the shallow and after the inspection in Arkhangelsk continues her enroutes to the port of Saint-Malo (France).
The freighter ""Mekhanik Kottsov"", who ran aground when leaving the port of Onega on August 16, 2018, independently withdrew from the shallow, then followed to Arkhangelsk to undergo a survey in accordance with safety requirements for navigation. This was reported by the shipowner's press service - OJSC Northern Shipping Company.

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According to the results of diving inspection of the hull of the vessel and the survey of the Russian Maritime Register - there are no damages, no remarks have been revealed. At the moment, as reported by the NSR, the freighter ""Mekhanik Kotsov"" in accordance with the contract continued her route to the French port of Saint-Malo. Departure from the port of Arkhangelsk took place on August 18, 2018.