Tanker ""Kapitan Permyakov"" with a cargo of marine fuel ran aground on the Don River.
The tanker ""Kapitan Permyakov"" (shipowner ""Yarbunker"", Yaroslavl, enroute: Tatyanka village - Port Kavkaz, with a cargo of marine fuel 4294 tons) at 23:00 MSK, September 12, 2018 when anchored in the Kamplichka roadstead (3116, 1 km of the Don River, 5 km from the city of Aksai) ran aground at the edge of the ship's run. According to the PortNews IAA, there are no casualties, oil spill or leakage, The ship's course is not blocked.
At 09:00 MSK, September 13, the tugboat ""Priboy"" (the owner of the FBU ""Azov-Don
basin administration"") was sent to the area of the incident. At 13:00 MSK, September 13 the boat ""RT-612"" approached for assistance. Work is under way to lift the ship from the shallows. At 06:00 MSK, September 14 the vessel was not removed from the ground.