The tugs of the British Coast Guard lifted off the Russian cargo ship Kuzma Minin and broke it in the direction of the ship from the coast. This is evidenced by the footage shown on the television channel Sky News.

WATCH THE VIDEO how the cargo ship tries to refloat off Cornwall beach:

With the help of four tugboats, a Russian vessel with a running engine goes toward the open sea near the coast of the city of Falmouth. The operation to refloat the vessel from the shoals unfolds when the first tidal wave arrives in the Falmouth coast area. The second tide is expected around 5:00 pm British time (8:00 pm Moscow time). According to weather forecasts, in the evening the weather should deteriorate sharply, the wind and storm will increase.

The refloating from the shoal allows the Russian dry-cargo ship to shelter from the weather in the port of Falmouth, where it will be inspected by divers.

The Russian cargo vessel ""Kuzma Minin"" ran aground in the UK on the morning of December 18th. The vessel was stuck off the coast of Cornwall, in Falmouth Bay. There are 18 sailors on board, there is no cargo on Kuzma Minin. At the same time she had a roll of about five degrees.

Dry cargo ship belongs to the Murmansk Shipping Company. Bulker Kuzma Minin spent several months in the port of Terneuzen in the Netherlands. The TASS agency claimed that he was arrested because of the shipowner's debts. Murmansk Shipping Company denied the information and indicated that the vessel’s exit was delayed due to a commercial dispute with counterparties.