Pleasure boat and cargo ship ""Kelarvi"" (owner of CJSC ""Onegoship"") collided on the Neva River in St. Petersburg, in front of the Summer Garden. According to the ""IAA"", the head of the North-West Management Gosmorrechnadzora Dmitry Atlashkin, the incident occurred at night on August 1, 2012. As a result of collisions the pleasure boat was holed and sank. According to the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, were evacuated 13 passengers and 2 crew members. The ship ""Kelarvi"" was in ballast enroute Vytegra and collided with a private river craft ""Rossi"" in the passage near the Fontanka River Raid. The Pleasure craft fell into the blind spot, being in the channel. ""Kelarvi"" was sent to raid of Ust-Slavyanka to ascertain the circumstances of the accident. No delays in the passage of vessels along the Neva.