m/v ""Petrozavodsk"" (flag Russia, the shipowner JSC ""Onegoship"", Saint-Petersburg, the crew - 12 people) February 4, 2013 ran aground on the right brow Azov-Don Sea Channel. According to the information bulletin of the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, the ship should have the channel in a caravan flight Rostov-on-Don - Hereke (Turkey), with 3600 tons of scrap metal on board.

Motor vessel made out of time turning maneuver from third to second leg of the channel and went beyond the curb at 100 meters and ran aground. No victims, water pollution with oil products was reported. The accident occurred as a result of the Navigation mistake by the master, the report said. Attempts to remove the ship from the shallows by the icebreakers ""Kapitan Chudinov"" and ""Captain Harchikov failed. In the area there is a strong decline in the water level so finding of the ship by the icebreakers have recognized as danger.

Captain of the port of Azov has decided to wait for daylight and the rising waters. In the area there is the south-west wind speed 8.6 m / s, the visibility is 2 miles, no ice. Directs the operation and investigate the accident captain sea port of Azov.

Source: http://portnews.ru/news/154377/