Reefer Irina is anchored in position 43 59.3N 145 50.9E, Yuzhno-Kurilskaya Bay, Kunashir Island, Kuril Archipelago. Engine room is one-third flooded, salvors pump out water and put extra seal on shaft log.

Vessel is to be towed to Korsakov port, Sakhalin Island, by salvage tug Atlas, ETD 1100 Moscow time Jan 16. Weather favourable.

River passenger vessel Anna Akhmatova was on fire on Jan 29, staying in winter lay-up in Iksha basin, Moscow region, with two support crew on board. 5 fire teams took part in firefighting, fire was extinguished by 2300 Moscow time Jan 29. Fire covered about 400 sq meters of main deck and passenger areas.

River vessel Anna Akhmatova has nothing to do with the ocean-going passenger vessel Anna Akhmatova, IMO 8509167.

Motorboat from drilling rig ""Kola"", which sank in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, December 18, 2011, was found near the southern coast of the island of Urup, spokesman for the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk marine rescue sub-center said. As for now, to determine whether the bodies of people inside the boat, is impossible. Rescue ships could not get it close because of stormy weather in the area and strong currents. We consider the option of using a helicopter to survey motorboats. The boat with holes along the starboard side, the bow and stern was found on January 30 in 50 meters from the shore at Cape Van der Linden.

Drilling rig ""Kola"" sunk into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk on December 18. The rig capsized while towing, presumably - because of the storm at sea, 200 km from Sakhalin. The 67 workers who were on the ""Kola"", managed to rescue 14 people. Active rescue operations in the area of ​​the accident were terminated December 22 due to bad weather.


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December 18, 2011

 Russia oil rig capsizes off Sakhalin, dozens missing.

 At least four people have died and about 50 are missing after an oil drilling rig sank in freezing seas in the Russian far east.

The Kolskaya rig was being towed some 200km (125 miles) off Sakhalin island when it capsized in a fierce storm. Fourteen people have been rescued alive but it is feared the rig overturned before the rest of the 67 people on board could escape on to life rafts. Rescue efforts have been hampered by poor weather conditions. Helicopters and a plane helped scour the area amid high winds and waves of up to 12ft (4m) but the search was halted as night fell.

Empty life rafts

""According to reports from the scene of the rescue operation, the Kolskaya platform has sunk completely,"" the regional head of the emergencies ministry, Taimuraz Kasayev, told a news briefing.

The accident in temperatures of -17C at around 14:00 local time (0200 GMT) in the Sea of Okhotsk happened as the rig was being towed from the eastern peninsula of Kamchatka to Sakhalin by an icebreaker and a tug. An unnamed regional emergencies ministry spokesman told the AFP news agency that the rigs portholes had been damaged by ice and waves, and water began going into the vessel"". The crew had been waiting to be evacuated by helicopter but the platform capsized and sank before they could get to their rescue rafts, he said. Two out of the four life rafts were reportedly found with nobody on board. An investigation has been launched to decide whether any safety regulations were violated transporting the Kolskaya in bad weather.

December 19, 2011

Russian oil rig search. Hopes fade for survivors The Kolskaya was being towed to Sakhalin Island by an icebreaker and a tug.

Russian rescue officials say they are still hoping for a miracle, a day after an oil rig with 67 people on board capsized under tow in icy seas.

Fourteen survivors and 14 bodies have been found but hopes are fading for the other 39 people who were on the Kolskaya rig off Russias east coast. A report that a life raft had been spotted carrying 15 people could not be confirmed, officials said. Another five rafts were spotted earlier, but all of them were empty. The reported sighting of a raft with people on board on Monday came from shipping company owner Yuri Melikhov who said it was not known whether they were dead or alive. But a regional emergency ministry official said he knew of no such report.

""No information has come into our emergency headquarters about finding a raft with people on it,"" Sergey Viktorov told Russian news agency Interfax.

A dramatic account has emerged of what happened when the rig went down in high winds and rough seas 200km (120 miles) off Sakhalin Island as it was was being towed from the eastern peninsula of Kamchatka by an icebreaker and a tug. One of the survivors, Sergei Grauman, told Russian TV a strong wave had smashed potholes in the dining room on the rigs platform, destroying equipment.

""Everyone rushed to the deck,"" he said. ""It all felt like a movie.""

Highly skilled crews had been working on the rig and on the vessels at the time and had all the necessary materials for dealing with an emergency, the rigs owner said. Federal transport official Natalia Salkina said the search would continue until everyone involved had been found: ""You can always hope for a miracle."" Many of the crew come from the northern region of Murmansk and governor Dmitry Dmitriyenkos said it was a ""horrible tragedy"".


At around 1625 LT Feb 7 2012 Russian freighter Tanya Karpinskaya collided with Singapore boxship Kota Duta in or near Niigata port, Japan, Japan sea. Russian freighter sank, all 17 crew rescued, no other details available at the moment. Damages suffered by boxship Kota Duta are unknown.

General cargo vessel Tanya Karpinskaya IMO 7504433, dwt 2621, built 1975, flag Russia, manager East Way LLC, Vladivostok. Boxship Kota Duta IMO 9483487, dwt 8214, built 2011, flag Singapore, manager PIL, Singapore.


The raging storm in Black sea region devastated not only Russian and Ukrainian shipping, but Turkish as well. In Samsun port during the day February 8 two cargo vessels were beached by the storm, Turkish coaster Hay K and Russian ro-ro Feruz. As far as it may be understood from Turk media news with the help of Google translator, Master of the Russian ferry Feruz impressed the onlookers with his seamanship skills, he managed to manoeuvre the vessel to the beach in most safe way. From the pics and – google earth map it may be assumed, that vessel either was in a small harbor of Mert Park, or intentionally lead the vessel in harbor in order to avoid grounding along more dangerous, open to the sea coastline. The 16 crew is safe and remains onboard, salvage and crew waiting for weather improve.  The Hay K was pushed to the embankment somewhere along Samsun coastline, as seen on the pic.


Ro-ro vessel Feruz IMO 9411874, GRT 5786, built 2009, flag Malta, manager IP Mikhail Melnikov, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


General cargo vessel Hay K IMO 8003864 dwt 1580, built 1981, flag Moldova, manager ATLANTIK DENIZCILIK TICARET Turkey.

Russian freighter Konosha on February 9 suffered engine failure while transiting Dardanelles in northern direction, in Canakkale area. Vessel was towed to anchorage area by tug or salvage boat Sonduren 4, and anchored for repairs and survey.


General cargo Konosha IMO 9177404, dwt 6207, built 1997, flag Russia, owner Donrechflot, Rostov-on-Don.

Tanker Karakumneft ran aground at the entrance of Kurilsk port, Iturup island, Kuril Islands, on the night of Feb 16, 2012. Vessel arrived to Kurilsk with some 1300 mt of fuel and started to offload the cargo, but had to leave the port due to deteriorating weather. Tanker ran aground with 1275 mt of cargo, no hull breaches and leaks reported so far. The crew of 20 was evacuated at around 05:00 LT, no injures.

Tanker Karakumneft IMO 7045542, dwt 1660, built 1970, flag Russia, owner NIKO Co., Vladivostok.