In the Vyborgsky District of the Leningrad Region on the night of July 31, 2017, the floating hostel Korolenko, previously recognized as dangerous, was on fire. The report of the fire on board the ship arrived tonight. The circumstances of the incident and the presence of the victims are being clarified. Recall, as previously reported 47news, the non-self-propelled vessel "Korolenko" moored in the bay of Salakka-Lahti in Vyborg, adapted to the hostel. According to the investigation, at the same time fire and sanitary requirements were violated, and the hostel was liquidated.


M/V "VN-160" (the shipowner Ltd. "Volgotrans", Samara), en route Kashpir town - Caucasus town with a cargo of 4144 tons of marine fuel (draft 340 cm), ran aground for the left edge of the output of the additional fairway (Kashpir town at 1864 km of the Volga river). According to the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Ministry of Transport of Russia, there was the loss of the ship's draft aft 40 cm, nose afloat. The ship's course is free. No oil spill or leakage.


According SMRCC, Feb. 22 at 3-30 on the ship "Kholmogory" (shipowner Northern Shipping Company, home port of Arkhangelsk, the Russian flag, the crew of 10 people, cargo - containers with a total weight 55.416 tons, non-hazardous cargo) when passing the Channel there was a breakdown of the main engine. No casualties or pollution. The vessel lost power and anchored waiting tugboat near the English port of Eastbourne.

A Three-deck passenger ship ""Knyaz Donskoy"" sank in the waters of the shipyard S.N. Butyakova in Zvenigovo (Mari El Republic). According to EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Mari El, the incident took place last night.

Details of the incident were not disclosed, we only know that there were no casualties.

The passenger ship ""Knyaz Donskoy"", according to Cruiseinform, was put out of work in the summer of 2015, a month after she began work for Kazan travel company ""Everest"", since the vessel was in a backwater. Last winter, the ship was put up for sale: the cost was estimated at 16.7 million rubles, although previously asked for the ship 44 million rubles.

This three-deck motor ship of the project 588 was built in 1957 in Germany, until 2002, the ship operated in the Volga Shipping Company under the name ""Dmitri Donskoi"". In 2003, the ship was renamed into ""Kabargin"" and started from "" The Valaam Tourist Center"", since 2006 and until the autumn of 2008 she worked for the ""Neva shipping company"" doing cruises from St. Petersburg. Then the ship was sold to ""Kazan shipping company"", which later sold her to ""Samara travel"".


In the evening on October 5th, m/v ""Irkutsk GES"" (shipowner Ltd. ""Yarbunker"" registration port of St. Petersburg, the crew of 11 people), carrying ballast enroute Saint Petersburg - Rybinsk, at the entrance of the gateway No.8 on the 596th km of the Volga-Baltic Canal blown by the wind, the vessel was aground on the bank on the right edge of the canal.
No injured, pollution, leakage or interference to navigation reported. At 2AM, October 6 the vessel withdrew yourself from the shallows and was followed to the destination.


According SMRCC morning of October 5 a barge-towing motor vessel ""OT-2435"" with the barge ""VFT-9"" and ""VFT-11"" (the shipowner Ltd. ""VF Tanker"", Nizhny Novgorod), carrying out the route Samara - Otradnensky roll, with cargo barges (4089 tonnes and 4087 tonnes respectively), during a maneuver on the roads Otradnensky roll on the Volga, 2571st km was damaged as a result of the bulk ""OT-2435"" on the barge.
No an oil spill, interference to navigation reported. In the barge ""VFT-9"" starboard aft was damaged, the ""VFT-11"" - the port side at the bow, both have leakage. The m/v ""OT-2435"" and approached vessel ""OT-2442"" produced haul water pumps for subsequent determination of the nature of damage. As of 6AM today, the water from the barge ""VFT-9"" and ""VFT-11"" was pumped out, sealed cracks, and the leakage eliminated. Barges are on the roads in awaiting of discharging.


October 12 in the Kerch Strait a floating crane sank, which followed in Kerch tugged with two tugs, reports TASS with reference to the Assistant Chief State MCHS in Crimea Vladimir Ivanov. The incident occurred 4 km from the coast near the village of Livadia near Yalta.
At the time of the incident on the crane board were eight crew members. Five were rescued and three others missing. ""On board of the crane began flowing seawater was leaking more than an hour the crew struggled for the vitality of the crane, but nothing to do but could not."" - Said Mr. Ivanov.

According to preliminary information, the ship sank due to difficult weather conditions. At the scene are continuing search and rescue operations.