M/V Patris (Iran flag,  shipowner KSSL LTD, flight: Astrakhan – Anzali  (Iran)  loaded woth 2787,337  tons of general cargo at 09:45 MSK December 15, 2016 when following the Volga-Caspian  Maritime Canal (VKMSK, 50.5 km ) in moving fields of ice and approach area with one-way (for  turning) was pressed against the ice fields to the left touchline.
According to the Rescue Coordination Centre Rosmorrechflot, loss of draft the vessel has not affected or damage or pollution. No obstacles for shipping traffic reported. The vessel alone away from the edge may not need help of icebreaker. Weather in the area of the  incident:  light wind, fields of broken ice (freeze-up is the period).

As of 06:00 MSK December 16 the ship Patris is in the same position. Roll on the starboard 1 degree, the loss of draft on the left side 5-7 cm. Nearby is the icebreaker ""Kapitan Buka"", pending a decision by the shipowner, according to refloat the vessel.

In the evening on of December 17 there was a pile of bunker ""Neva-Lux"" (ship-owner LLC ""Lukoil- Bunker"", Saint-Petersburg port of registration) to the boat mooring ""Barmbek"" (Liberia flag  ship owner «Shiff Ahrtgers»), who was laying at the berth No.43 of the Greater port of St. Petersburg.  No leakage, oil spill or victims as reported. Damage specified.

According to SMRCC in the morning of December 18 the m/v ""Shizhnya"" (Russian flag, the ship-owner of  ""Nevaris"", St. Petersburg) ran aground on the 51.1 km of the Volga-Caspian sea shipping  channel when passing the site with one-way traffic. Casualties, emergency vessel damage,  environmental contamination was not  reported. Attempts to withdraw from the rocks alone have  not brought results. As of December 19 8:00 emergency boat is in the same position in  anticipation of the approach to remove the icebreaker vessel afloat, no navigation obstacles in the channel.

Dry cargo vessels that are exempt from the ice in VKMSK, towed to Astrakhan. Freighters Patris  and Shizhnya come to Astrakhan to assess the technical condition of vessels after the exempting from the ice of the Volga-Caspian sea shipping channel (VKMSK), reports ""Interfax-South"" with reference to EMERCOM in the Astrakhan region.
M/V Patris will arrive in Astrakhan, accompanied by the icebreaker Kapitan Buka. M/V Shizhnya already moves to the city in tow. “In Astrakhan the experts will examine these vessels and evaluate their technical condition "", - said the press officer.

December 21, 2016 the cargo ship Shizhnya was released from the ice with the icebreaker Kapitan  Chechkin. The vessel is attributed to Astrakhan, with cargo of metal followed to Iran. The vessel was freezed in the ice on 51st km of the canal on 18 December.

Previously, the Iranian cargo ship Patris was released from the ice. The vessel followed from Astrakhan to the Iranian port Enzili with general cargo on board and also could not pass the canal. The vessel is carrying a crew of 11 people, no one was hurt.

Instead. Iran they went to Astrakhan. The ships were released by icebreaker to return to the port of departure. It is necessary to assess the technical condition of bulk carriers.

Dry cargo vessels Patris and Shizhnya return to Astrakhan to assess the technical condition of vessels after the exampting them from the ice of the Volga-Caspian sea shipping channel (VKMSK), reported ""Interfax"" in the EMERCOM in the Astrakhan region, 21 December.

M/V Patris will arrive in Astrakhan, accompanied by the icebreaker Kapitan Buka, and m/v Shizhnya already moved to the city in tow. In Astrakhan, the experts will examine and evaluate their technical condition, - said the press officer.
As reported, on Wednesday, the cargo ship ""Shizhnya"" freed from ice icebreaker ""Kapitan Chechkin"". The vessel is attributed to Astrakhan, with a cargo of metal followed in Iran. She was frozen into ice on a 51-kilometer channel on 18th December.

January 12 at 13:00 in the Azerbaijani ferry Academician Zarifa Aliyeva ""(the IMO 9297838), sent from Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) to Baku (Azerbaijan), a fire broke out, according to Lloyd's list. At the time of the incident the vessel was near Baku. The crew was unable to cope with the fire, so the captain has asked for help from the Coast Guard Baku port.
Later, all the passengers and crew members were safely evacuated by helicopter and taken to shore. The fire-fighting tugs were involved, and a fire helicopter.
As a result of the accident no one was hurt. The area in the scene was banned for the passage of ships.

With emergency vessel TR ""Ice Breeze"" remaining fuel removed a total of 168 tonnes petroleum to remove residual fuel was made recently with the emergency vessel TR ""Ice Breeze"" shipowner"" Refkamflot ""LLC (home port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky), sat down on Shumshu stranded at the island (Kuril ridge) in the Second Kuril Strait in early December 2016, the Press Service of the Pacific Division of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere natural resources. The remains were taken to the fuel collector of bilge water (SLV-313) Company ""Ecology Plus"" LLC. From SLV to crash the ship was stretched the hose line by where the remains of lubricants were pumped from the main tank first, then from the supply tanks,located in the engine compartment.

A total of 168 tons of oil has been removed from the board of the emergency ship that eliminated the possibility of significant contamination of the surrounding sea area in the event of failure hull and fuel tanks.

Pacific Maritime Authority continues to verify the circumstances of Rosprirodnadzor incident happened, it turns out the degree of culpability of the crew and the ship owner for subsequent proceedings based on the requirements of the current environmental legislation.