According SMRCC 16 January m/v «USF-6"", the flag of Moldova, the shipowner IBFS LTD, loaded with 4569 tons of coal, while following the route Rostov-on-Don - Martas (Turkey) with a pilot  on board, at 6:43 AM sat on stranded in the seaport of Azov. 11:50 in the emergency the vessel  was refloated by icebreaker ""Kapitan Harchikov"" (Azov FSUE ""Rosmorport"") and followed in  Rostov-on-Don.  There aren’t casualties, injuries, environmental pollution there reported.

At 15:50 January 16 trawler ""Ossora"" (shipowner Ltd. ""Magadanryba-2"", the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky registration) caught the fire of the cable tranches in the corridor of residential premises. The ship is at berth of TPK Dalzavod, port of Vladivostok, in the sludge.  At 16:02 the elimination of fire the 6 fire units started their work. Crew (8 people) were  evacuated to the shore. The fire was liquidated 18:20. Mo affected or waters pollution there.  The cable in the corridor of residential premises were burnt.

Two bulk carriers and two icebreakers are stuck in the ice off the Russian coast near Pevek on the Chukchi Peninsula (Chukotka Peninsula).

The Russian Emergencies Ministry has issued a statement saying: “According to the captain of the Kapitan Dranitsyn vessel, the situation is not critical. There is no tension among the crew. There are food and fuel reserves. After getting more information about ice conditions the convoy will proceed on the route.”
The bulk carriers, Johann Mahmastal and Sinegorsk, are operated by Rosmorport and being escorted by the icebreakers Kapitan Dranitsyn and Admiral Makarov. The convoy remains at anchorage near Cape Shelagsky.

News agency TASS reports that the ice conditions are difficult – measuring 10 points on a 10-point scale. The thickness of ice in the area exceeds one meter (three feet) with ridged ice 2.5 meters (eight feet) thick. The vessels arrived in Pevek from Arkhangelsk along the Northern Sea Route in early January. They made a successful midwinter cargo crossing, the the first such crossing since Soviet times. They are delivering construction material for a pier being built for the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power station. The power station will be transported to Chukotka via the Northern Sea Route and assembled there in 2018.

According SMRCC January 22 trawler ""Nadezhda"", the Russian flag, the ship-owner of ""Lodiya"" home port of Vladivostok, at the transition from the port of Busan (South Korea) in the area of fishing the Sea of Okhotsk the crash stop of the main engine.

Emergency ship is drifting, dominated by strong northern wind directions (up to 15 m/sec.), Wave height of up to 3.5 meters in the area of the accident. Emergency Vessel Safety provides the trawler ""Anton Gurin"" (home port of St. Petersburg, the shipowner ""Dalrifer"" LLC). at the location of the emergency tug vessel arrived «Koyo Maru» The 21-15 23 January, Japan's flag, and began towing in the port of Busan. Estimated time of towing 48 hours.

According to the SMRCC, February 15 at 16:06 was sent a distress signal from the LNG «Navigator Leo», Liberia flag shipowner Navigator Leo LLC. The captain said the fire in the superstructure in the area of provision store. Ship ballast, cargo spaces not degassed.

At 16:13 the fire was extinguished by the crew, no victims or environmental pollution there. The ship was in the Gulf of Finland, followed from the port of Le Havre to Ust-Luga, accompanied by ice-breaker ""Vladivostok"". At 22:06 gas carrier moored to a mooring No.59 of the Port Ust-Luga.

February 16 at 21:40 on a trawler ""Borey"" (ship-owner LLC ""Cap Nord"" Registry Murmansk port) 70 miles northwest of Medvezhiy island spontaneously stopped the main engine, troubleshoot by the crew was not possible. At 5:30 February 17, 2017 at the request of the shipowner to the area of ​​the accident arrived Norwegian KBOHR W-303 «Swalbard» and began towing the vessel in emergency Tromso port. Weather: wind northwest up to 8 m/sec, sea 2 m.

According SMRCC, February 17 11:45 m/v «BBC Belem», Briese Schiff GMBH (flag of Antigua and Barbuda), home port of St. John's, in the port of Arkhangelsk in the transport crossing the area of ​​the timber 14 (about. Brevennik) at passing through a pontoon crossing the bow of the starboard pontoon leaned to the right. No pollution, or shipping effected. The vessel has a dent in 2 meters of water in the tank area with 8 cm arrow deflection and metal gap 7 x 4 cm, pontoon damage specified owner of the ferry company ""Secerniy Flot.""