24 February 18-15 in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk on the trawler "Bratsevo" (shipowner "Tymlatsky fish factory", the port of registration of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the crew - 33 people) took place on the winding on the propeller-rudder system an unknown object. No one was injured. Emergency vessel towed by the trawler "Rumyantsevo" (shipowner "SKBSF" LLC) was followed by a second Kuril Strait to the rescue ship "Suvorov" for diving inspection. At 1-00 February 26 the disaster trawler was to board the ship "Suvorov" diving operations were launched at 3-00. At 9-20 February 26 specialists of "Suvorov" rescue ship finished releasing the rudder system of emergency vessel, no damage, and the ship is on the move.
February 25, 16-00 trawler "Kapitan Kogelev" (shipowner Ltd. "Sevros" registration Murmansk) occurred winding unknown material on the azimuth group. The vessel was at the fishery in the Barents Sea about 17 miles north. Kildin island. The vessel is drifting, but no threat of the ship and the crew there. In 23-00, February  25 the tug "Murmanryba" FGBI "North EO ACP" began emergency towing the vessel, and at 12-30 February 26 tugged the trawler on Kulonga raid in the Kola Bay and gave it to a harbor tug "Bezotkazniy" for the production of cleaning the azimuth group.
The fish shop of the freezer fishing seiner ""Carolina-33"", located in the drift in the northern part of the Okhotsk Sea (coordinates: N 58-31, E 150-44), there was a fire in the fish shop. According to the Rescue Coordination Centre Rosmorrechflot, at  03:00 MSK on March 6, 2017 started the natural ventilation of premises fire. There is a slight smokiness.
The crew controls the situation in order to prevent re-ignition. The rescue ship  ""SIBIRSKIY"" at the first opportunity to begin inspection of the interior by the team forces emergency rescue ship.

Weather in the area of emergency vessel: northeast wind 9 m/s, sea 0.5-1.0 m.


The Albany motor ship (Togo flag, shipowner Noth-Westem Shipping, cargo - glass 2572 tons), at 07:30 Moscow time . March 16th, 2017 the vessel was removed from the shallows in the area of the buoy No. 96 of the Azov port with the help of the tugboat ""Shlyuzova-90"". According to the the PortNews the Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, the motor vessel followed in the Port of Rostov-on-Don. There are no damages of the hull, no pollution.
Not fixed. On board was a pilot. By the evening of March 15, three port tugboats could not be removed the emergency ship with shallows.

On March 14, the Russian icebreaker Vaigach (IMO 8417493) collided with the Panamanian bulk carrier Nordic Barents (IMO 9079169), the posting of which she carried out.
The incident occurred in the Kara Sea. Nordic Barents suffered minor damage to the hull, while Vaigach remained unharmed. Both vessels were able to continue their journey on the same day.

Russian-flagged cargo ship Mekhanik Fomin developed a heavy portside list while underway in the Norwegian Sea west off Narvik after a reported cargo
shift, Norwegian Coast Guard confirmed.The vessel, loaded with timber, was en route to Inverness, the UK when it got in trouble following a cargo shift  on March 18th. Namely, some of the cargo is reported to have fallen overboard causing the ship to list.
Once informed of the incident, the Norwegian Coast Guard sent its ships KV Senja and Strulborg to the scene to assist the ship. As informed, the ship’s crew managed to regain control of the vessel and restore power, and the ship was escorted to Sortland where the necessary repairs would follow suit

The 13 crew members remained on board and there were no reports of injuries.
Speaking to local media, Coast Guard duty officer Jan-Hugo Lassesen, said that it was probably the inclement weather that caused the incident.

April 10 at 11 AM, a Russian fishing vessel "Gutsul", owned by the Sakhalin company Dalmapro, caught fire at a shipyard in Nakhodka, the Vesti Primorje reports, citing the press service of the EMERCOM of Primorsky Kray. The vessel was on the dock repair in the shipyard of Nakhodka, in the floating dock No. 4.

The ship's crew and the plant's workers were evacuated to shore. Arrived at the site of emergency PE firemen found that the area of fire exceeded 250 square meters. In connection with a strong fogging for reconnaissance, it was decided to use links in the gas and smoke protection service. At the scene, 4 firefighters and the employees of the PSRZ worked.

The fire was localized. The dead and injured were not found.