Geroi ArsenalaThe general cargo ship Geroi Arsenala sank at Kerch Strait in Black Sea. The vessel with 12 crew, including nine Ukrainians, two Russians and one Georgian citizens, disappeared and lost connection at the approach to Kerch strait on 19 nautical miles off Cape Zhelezny Rog in Crimea. MRCC Novorossiysk received the distress signal from the captain of the dry-cargo ship at about 03:54 Moscow time. The local authorities immediately initiated search and rescue operation and succeeded to find and rescue one seamen, while another 3 were found dead and 8 seamen are missing. The large scale search and rescue operation was initiated, which engaged five merchant ships, as well as rescue vessel and two Russian helicopters.

“The approximate site of the accident is the village of Yakovenkovo ​​in the Kerch area”, said the Representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Crimea. “The vessels Bishop, Armada Navigator, Barnet, Aigas and Aelos were in the area of ​​the incident and were included into the rescue operation. Currently, it is confirmed information about the discovery of two bodies of dead seamen. The search for the rest of the crew continues”, added he.

The exact nationalities of the missing seamen is not yet revealed. It was known that one of the rescued people was oiler from the vessel, who was Ukrainian.

The water temperature at the area was 7-8 degrees Celsius and on scene was stormy weather with wind speed of 20 m/s. The exact root cause of the accident is under investigation, but according to preliminary information, the vessel split on two part by the storm and sank, so people had no time to evacuate.

The general cargo ship Geroi Arsenala (IMO: 8727604) has overall length of 114.00 m, moulded beam of 13.00 m and maximum draft of 4.00 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 2,850 DWT and the gross tonnage is 2,584 GRT. The freighter was built in 1980 by Zavody Tazkeho Strojarstva in Komarno, Slovakia. The ship is registered under the flag of Panama and during the accident was en route from Azov to Turkey with cargo of grain. The vessel is owned and operated by Turkish company Gunes Shipping & Trading Company Limited.





On May 2, at 01:55, the Russian cargo vessel Volzhsky 47 (IMO 8933564), loaded with 5,400 tons of coal from the port of Yeisk, collided with a Russian dry cargo vessel Volga-4051 that was on the port.
The incident occurred in the Taganrog Bay, reports As a result of the collision, both ships were damaged.
The m/v ""Volga-4951"" damaged the her stem at a height of 1.5 meters from the waterline, and the m/v ""Volzhsky 47"" was damaged by a guard rail about 12 m long, deformation and breaking of the upper deck 3-4 m long, the cargo cover was damaged No. 3.



Passenger ship ""St. Petersburg"", enroute from Nizhny Novgorod to St. Petersburg, ran aground in the Vologda region. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the region.
This information has been received that on the 568th km of the Volga-Baltic waterway there was aground of a passenger ship "" St. Petersburg "". There are 166 passengers and 90 crew members on the ship. It is noted that passengers and the crew of the motor ship are provided with food and drinking water for 10 days. Rescuers work at the scene.

On the trawler ""Kaptain Chernov"" (the shipowner of JSC ""Dalrybprom"", the crew of 27 - 20 citizens of Russia, 7 of Indonesia) found a fire in the ship's room. According to the data of the State Marine Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot of Russia available to the PortNews, it was not possible to find out the cause of the fire, because of the fire throughout the vessel.
There are no victims. The main engine of the ship was stopped, all 27 crew members were evacuated to the m/v ""Real"".
The trawler is on the right anchor, 5 bows in the water. Part of the board burned out, the fire stopped. The other side of the board continues to burn. According to the report of the senior mechanic on board 148 tons of fuel.
The possibility of attracting specialized vessels to extinguish the fire is not possible due to their absence.



M/V Volga-Neft - 217 (shipowner of OOO Sredne-Volzhskaya SK, the crew of 17 people, the route: Yaroslavl-St. Petersburg, the cargo of fuel oil 4,382 tons) ran aground at 567 km. of the Lower Sheksna. According to the State Marine Rescue and Coordination Center of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the motor vessel went to the white edge of the ship's passage due to the failure of the steering device. The loss of draft on the starboard side is 15 cm. There are no injured persons, there is no oil spill, ship traffic is not impeded.

By now, Volgo-Neft-217 independently took off the slick, anchored, the passage of the ships does not interfere.


June 3, at 21-15, the Yamal Krechet motor vessel anchored at Dolgaya Bay on the northern tip of Vaigach Island because of the spontaneous etching of the chain of the right anchor on the belt brake with the break of the anchor line anchorage stop device lost its right anchor with the anchor rope. There are no victims.


In the Kara Sea, the m/v Arktika-1, the shipowner of OOO Reskom-Tyumen, lies in drift, the reason is the malfunction of the main engine. The situation is taken to control the MRCC Dixon.