According to the data of the GMSKTS, on June 10, the ship ""OT-2056"" with the composition of sections 173, 189, 232 and 182 loaded with gravel, the shipowner ""Volzhskoye Shipping Company"", on passing under the Sarapul railway bridge on 1851.9 km of the Kama river, Hit the left side of the stern section No. 232 about the left mouth of the navigable span of the bridge.

As a result of the impact section No.232 was damaged by a bar in the stern about 8 m in length. There was no water leakage of the section, no apparent damage to the bridge bridge was found, there were no injuries and no environmental pollution, there were no obstacles to navigation.



In the water area of ​​the port of Azov at 02:35 Moscow time on August 6, 2017, the tug ""Hero I.
Petrov"" (port registration Rostov-on-Don, shipowner Araks LLC, enroute Rostov-on-Don - Caucasus) with a barge ""Baltis"" (cargo wheat 3732 tons, TTD barges: length 102 m, width 14 m, draft 5,3 m) went out behind the red curb and the barge ran aground at 3,164th km, buoy No. 96, the draft loss was 1 m nose, the aft afloat, the soil soft silt. According to the information of the Rosmorrechflot Rescue and Coordination Center, available to the PortNews, the tugboat ""Shlyuzovoy"" was sent to remove the emergency ship from the ground. No victims, damage, pollution, obstacles to navigation reported.

At 06:00 Moscow time on August 7 barge ""Baltis"" with a load of wheat is in the same position. Work to remove the barge from the shallows continues with tugs ""Hero I. Petrov""and ""Shlyuzovoy 90 "". Attempts to remove the barge from the shallows at night had no success. The shipowner of tugboats and barges is working out various solutions to the problem. Weather: northeast wind 3-4 m/s.



Towed from the port of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur in Khabarovsk Krai, an unmanned barge on the morning of August 15, 2017 sank in the Amur Estuary, the press service of the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office reported.

Around 07:00 (local time), while following the route ""Seaport of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur - the camp of Unchi in the Okhotsky district of the Khabarovsk Kray a towed unmanned barge ""BPM-105"" sank in the Amur estuary.

The barge was transported with coal, the shipowner was JSC Khabarovsk River Commercial Port.

On the fact of what happened, the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office organized an audit of compliance with the requirements of the legislation on safety of navigation.



According to the GMSKTS, on September 20, at l7-50, when the barge-8827 and barge-8837 were towed by the motor ship ""OTA-990"" (the shipowner ""Petrozavodskaya Shipping Company""), on 1164 km of the White Sea-Baltic canal (Myasnikovsky yard), a barge-8827, cargo - timber balance) 711 tons, ran aground. There are no injured people and no shipping. There is a waterflow of the hull, spilling oil products less than 1 cubic meter. m was eliminated by the crew. The shipowner takes measures to organize the pause of the cargo and the removal of the ship from the shallows.



September 21, 2017, at 9:30 on SRTK-K "Nerpa", the shipowner of LLC "Keret", the port of registration of Murmansk, in the southern part of the Barents Sea, the trawl was winded onto the propeller. The ship lay down in a drift. In the area of ​​the accident there is a duty SMB "Murmanryba" (the port of registration of Murmansk, the shipowner of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Northern EO ASR") for towing the emergency vessel into the shelter and carrying out diving operations to clean the propeller. Security threats to the vessel and the crew on weather conditions are not present. Safety of the emergency ship in the area before the approach of the tugboat "Murmanryba" is provided by the MPP trawler "Gaiduk".
According to GMSKTS, on October 5, at 16-50, the motor ship OTA-947 with the barge VD 3751, the flag of the Russian Federation, the shipowner of SK Araks LLC, the registration port of Rostov-on-Don, following with a cargo of 3309 tons (IMO class 4) Kerch strait to the south, ran aground to the right of the fairway No. 50 in the area of ​​buoys  No. 1, 2. There is no navigation of the hull, spillage of oil products, affected, obstacles. The attempt to independently withdraw from the shallows did not give a positive result. The shipowner decides whether to raise the necessary funds to assist the emergency ship. The weather in the area: the south wind is 7-10 m/s, the sea is 0.2 - 0.5 metres.
On October 6, in 2-35 the Boris Shtokolov, the flag of the Russian Federation, the port of Novorossiysk registration, the shipowner of Novo Inter Trans LLC, on which there were 34 passengers and 34 empty cars, in the port of Kavkaz, following the berth, ran aground from the outside The bucket's side is 1.4 kb to the north-west from the berth No. 23. No victims, watercourses of the hull, spill of oil products, obstacles to navigation. The shipowner decides on the issue of attracting the necessary funds for the removal of the emergency ship from the shallows. The weather in the area: south-west wind 7-10 m / s, sea 0.2-0.5 metres.