On November 14, a Cyprus tanker Fedor Litke (IMO 9768370) and a Russian oil and chemical tanker Zaliv Amerika (IMO 8714592) collided on the Nakhodka raid No. 10, Lloyd's list reports.
As a result of the accident, the vessel Fedor Litke received several dents on the hull. There is no information about the victims.

Source http://mortrans.info/allnews/pod-nahodkoj-stolknulis-dva-tankera/

When following to exit to the northern leg of the Kola Bay due to the failure of the steering device, the fishing seiner Kapitan Kogelev (the shipowner of Sevros LLC, the port of registration of Murmansk) at 20:33 MSK on November 16, 2017 carried to the eastern shore of the bay near Cape Baklaniy. According to the information of the Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, the PortNews IAA, a hole was obtained in the port side below the waterline, water enters the engine compartment. At 22:40 MSK, the tug ""RB-108"" (the ship-owner of the Northern Fleet) took nine crewmen from a life raft and delivered them to Polyarny.

The fuel tanks are sealed, there is no fuel spill. The shipowner decides on the removal of the emergency ship from the shallows.



According to the GMSKTS December 12 at 18-30, the steering control on the m/v Kasra 1, the Iranian flag, Anzali port of registration, the shipowner of BaranTejarat Amin Co, from Astrakhan to the port of Anzali with cargo of metal and timber, at the exit to the sea from the Volga-Caspian sea shipping channel in the 147.7 km area.

No injured or pollution of the environment there. The vessel urgently anchored along the green brow. Today, as of 6-00, the motor vessel "Kasra 1" was anchored in the 147.7 km area of ​​the Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal unchanged.

Recall, "Kasra 1" was already in the bulletins - no later than November 22 in the area of ​​3602 km of the Volga River on the ship the steering system failed, the steering was flooded.

According to GMSKTS, on 8:30 December a hole was found on the ship Paramushir (the shipowner of Sakhalin Shipping Company OJSC, the port of registration of Kholmsk, the Russian flag) under the unloading of containers at berth No.53 of Vladivostok port at level waterline in between the 84th and 85th frame in the ballast tank #4. Horizontal rupture, in the center of a dent 1000 mm long and 200 mm opening.

The question of repair is being decided. Prior to elimination, it is not possible to go to sea. There are no victims. No pollution of the environment.


In the port of Vladivostok, berth No.44 of OOO Kantegir on the trawler Bereg Mechty (ship owner of ZAO ""Rimsko"", the vessel lays in ballast, no supplies, de-energized, crew of three on duty) at 06:30 GMT on December  25 water level in the engine room was found 10 cm higher. According to the Rosmorrechflot Rescue and Coordination Center, a marine tugboat Grif (shipowner of ZAO Rimsko) approached to the trawler. Pumping of water from the engine room into tanks Nos. 32, 33 is carried out, the underwater part of the hull will be inspected by divers after the storm warning to be canceled.

The reason of water income in hull of the vessel was not revealed. No affected or pollution of the environment there. The water stopped flowing into the engine room of the trawler.


January 12 at 04:30AM Kirkenes firefighters were summoned to extinguish the Russian trawler Nerey (IMO 8138891), which was on the waterfront in Kimek (Norway), Lloyd's list informs.
This embankment is used mainly by Russian fishing vessels.
A crew of 15 people was safely evacuated. Dense toxic smoke complicated the work on extinguishing. Visibility on the trawler was no more than a meter. Firemen had to use a pump to evacuate smoke.
A few hours later the fire was extinguished. An incident is being investigated. There is no information about the victims.
The Russian ship "Mekhanik Yartsev" gave serious heel in the waters of the Solent Strait near the entrance to the bay of the English city of Portsmouth. This was reported on Tuesday by the British Coast Guard.
"The Royal Coast Guard is currently engaged in providing assistance to a Russian vessel that has tilted significantly near Portsmouth Bay, although it has received considerable leeway, her electricity supply remains and the vessel is in a stable position," the report says. It states that 13 crew members are safe and do not have health problems.

The Coast Guard also informed that the m/v Mekhanik Yartsev is currently anchored in the Solent Strait. To help the Russians sent a pilot boat, specialists from which assess the condition of the timber carrier and the cargoes located in its holds. At the scene, there are also two tugs and a lifeboat, capable of operating under any weather conditions, TASS reported:  http://tass.ru/proisshestviya/4845587

In addition, the report says that every half hour the coast guard tracks weather forecasts, which so far indicate the probability of a strong wind and a storm. Nevertheless, she is considering the possibility of towing the vessel to a potential mooring spot in Portsmouth Bay.