On January 14, the Russian tanker VF TANKER-1 (IMO 9640499) hit the rock in the southwest of Kea Island, Greece, Lloyd's list informs. After the incident, the ship anchored for repairs. By now the work is coming to an end.


According to GMSKTS, at 21:27 January, a COSPAS-SARSAT emergency message was received from the fishing vessel Vostok, the shipowner of DV Fleet LLC, the Nevelsk registration port, the crew of 21 people were Russian citizens enroute from Busan port for fishing in the Sea of Japan, without cargo on board.
The emergency ARB-406 beacon triggered in coordinates Latitude N 41 53.6, Longitude E 131 31.6 (Sea of Japan). The shipowner is notified of the incident. The shipowner failed to establish a connection with the vessel. The ship is not positioned, does not respond to requests.

At 23:38 January 24, the "Emergengyr" operation was announced, Vladivostok's MRCC took over the coordination of the search and rescue operation. An alert has been given to the area of the Sea of Japan. From the port of Zarubino to the search area came "Velbot-144", the border guard of the FSB of Russia. At 3:35 on January 25 from the port of Vladivostok sailed the rescue vessel "Spasatel Zaborchikov" Primorsky branch of the FBU "Morspasluzhba Rosmorrechflot".

In the area of the accident, the search operations are carried out by the Fesco Diomid motor ship of the Far Eastern Shipping Company, the MI-8 helicopter of the Ministry of Emergencies and the MI-8 helicopter of the Ministry of Defense. In readiness for departure at the airport of Khabarovsk there is a BE-200 plane. Weather in the area: north wind 18-20 m/s, wave height 5 m.
According to GMSKTS, at 00:30 on March 5 the dry cargo ship "Andor" (the shipowner of Traves LLC, the Taganrog registration port, the flag of Russia, the cargo of wheat 3299,513 tons), enroute to the anchorage point at the 471 anchorage area in the Kerch of Strait collided with the middle Black Sea seiner (MBSS) "Khors" (shipowner of OOO "Yuvas-Trans", charterer LLC "Yugryb-Trans", port of registration Kerch, flag Russia).

After the collision, M/V "Andor" anchored, the seiner "Khors" proceeded to the port of Kerch and at 02:15 moored to the berth of the Kerch SRZ. There is no water leakage on both vessels, seaworthiness is not lost. M/V "Andor" has damage to the of bulwark in the right board about 3 m.

No affected and pollution of the environment. The causes of the collision are being clarified.

M/V Glory Hongkong, which suffered a disaster in the Gulf of Finland on March 8, was delivered for repair to the port of Tallinn.
The vessel of the Estonian border guard Kindral Kurvits, Finnish vessels Tursas and Halli came to the aid of a dry cargo ship heading for Saint Petersburg under the Panamanian flag, Interfax reports.

As previously reported referring to the Finnish Coast Guard, a signal about a leak in the engine room of a 180 metre dry-cargo ship arrived from the area of ​​the island of Hogland at 12:41 on Finnish time on March 8.
The preparation of the rescue operation took some time, as the shipowner had to conclude an agreement with a commercial company.

March 15 at 05:22 Moscow time the m/v Sormovsky 118 (IMO 7943287) ran aground in the Don River, the Azov Port (buoy No. 55-57 area), IDK Expert re[ports.

At the time of the incident, there were 2993 tons of wheat on board. The vessel followed the exit with the pilot on board. It is known that the ship has run aground because of the failure of the steering device. The Rosmorrechflot informs that the ship's turn is blocked. Movement of ships along the channel stopped.

No victims or pollution of the environment reported.

April 30 In St. Petersburg, the m/v Nevskiy 15 collided with the flight of the Volodarsky bridge. The vessel that followed the Neva river from Otradnoye to St. Petersburg, passing through the bridge, touched its support.

The dry cargo vessel received minor damage. The bridge was also not seriously damaged. The cause of the accident is being specified. The investigation of the incident begun.

Source: http://mortrans.info/allnews/v-sankt-peterburge-suhogruz-protaranil-most/

During laying  of m/v Volgodon-5038, on the Aleksandrovskoye raid of the Don river, the bow anchor was torn off by the current, which resulted in the vessel deploying and agrounding on the bow of the starboard side. According to the information of the State Marine Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, the draft loss was 50 cm. There are no obstacles to the movement of other vessels along the channel. There is no pollution of the environment. Partial unloading of cargo is planned. The vessel was loaded with cargo of wheat.