The m/v ""Optimaflot"" loaded with cargo of 2837 tons of diesel fuel at 05:00 MSK on May 23, 2018 while raising the anchor in the Vedernikovskoe bend (2,970.6th km of the Don River, Rostov Region) under the influence of a strong current ran aground on the portside of the midship and loss of draft of 20 cm. According to the Rosmorrechflot Rescue and Coordination Center, the vessel is outside the limits of navigation. No restrictions of navigation, pollution or leakage is reported.

Measures are taken to lift the ship from the shallows, tugs ""Uglichanin"" and ""Kapitan Biryukov"" (the owner of the FBU Azov-Don Basin Administration) are involved.


An emergency occurred on July 7, 2018 at the cargo and passenger terminal of the Crimea in the port of Kerch, when the railroad wagons were unloaded from the ""Annenkov"" ferry, the crew heard a crash of metal on the main deck. According to the State Marine Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, a sagging of the deck in the area of ​​the 164 frame and folds on the hull was discovered. The flow of water into the engine room was detected. No pollution of the environment there as reported.

Bone fences were installed, diving inspection was carried out. 10 torn holes in the hull in the area of ​​164 frames from the side to the side were detected. Temporary sealing of the holes was made, water supply decreased, water pumping continued, the vessel emerged.


July 14 at 854.6 km of the Volga-Baltic canal the caravan of the "MB-1223", "OT-2032" and barge ARK-12, damaged the lock, reports portal with reference to Rosmorrechflot.

The incident occurred when the barge entered the gateway No. 6 from the lower tail.
The caravan was sent from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan. The barge was not damaged. There are no victims and the failure did not affect the operation of the gateway

The m/v Omskiy-58, the project R97T (shipowner shipping company, the port of registration Belozersk), following the route St. Petersburg - Dubna with the general cargo (300 tons). As a result of steering failure, at 03:20 MSK on August 15, 2018 on  1115.5 km of the river Svir ran aground behind the red edge of the ship's passage.

According to the PortNews IAA, the ship received a hole in the engine room area, de-energized. No victims and injured or pollution of the environment as reported. Navigation signs on regular places, the ship's passage is free.

In the water area of ​​the port of Onega, the freighter ""Mekhanik Kotsov"" with a cargo of lumber ran aground.

Freighter ""Mekhanik Kotsov"" (registration port Arkhangelsk, cargo of lumber in packages 3903.3 cubic meters), following the route on the port of Onega to St.Malo, at 00:06 MSK, August 16, 2018, when leaving the port of Onega (Arkhangelsk region ) with the pilot on board due to the failure of the main engine ran aground on the Pikhnemskiy alignment in the area of ​​buoy No.5. According to the information of the Rescue and Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, a towboat ""Triton"" was sent to help with the removal of the shallows.
On the ship there is a continuous control over the watertightness of the hull, there is no watercourse.
No affected or pollution of the environment there reported.

Freighter Mekhanik Kotsov took off from the shallow and after the inspection in Arkhangelsk continues her enroutes to the port of Saint-Malo (France).
The freighter ""Mekhanik Kottsov"", who ran aground when leaving the port of Onega on August 16, 2018, independently withdrew from the shallow, then followed to Arkhangelsk to undergo a survey in accordance with safety requirements for navigation. This was reported by the shipowner's press service - OJSC Northern Shipping Company.

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According to the results of diving inspection of the hull of the vessel and the survey of the Russian Maritime Register - there are no damages, no remarks have been revealed. At the moment, as reported by the NSR, the freighter ""Mekhanik Kotsov"" in accordance with the contract continued her route to the French port of Saint-Malo. Departure from the port of Arkhangelsk took place on August 18, 2018.


Tanker ""Kapitan Permyakov"" with a cargo of marine fuel ran aground on the Don River.
The tanker ""Kapitan Permyakov"" (shipowner ""Yarbunker"", Yaroslavl, enroute: Tatyanka village - Port Kavkaz, with a cargo of marine fuel 4294 tons) at 23:00 MSK, September 12, 2018 when anchored in the Kamplichka roadstead (3116, 1 km of the Don River, 5 km from the city of Aksai) ran aground at the edge of the ship's run. According to the PortNews IAA, there are no casualties, oil spill or leakage, The ship's course is not blocked.
At 09:00 MSK, September 13, the tugboat ""Priboy"" (the owner of the FBU ""Azov-Don
basin administration"") was sent to the area of the incident. At 13:00 MSK, September 13 the boat ""RT-612"" approached for assistance. Work is under way to lift the ship from the shallows. At 06:00 MSK, September 14 the vessel was not removed from the ground.