An accident on the Volga-Baltic channel, September 19, 2018.

September 15 at 847th-kilometer mark of the Volga-Baltic channel, an accident occurred with the participation of two Russian dry-cargo vessels Omsk-135 and Volgo-Don-155 as Lloyd's list reports.
As a result of the collision, the m/v Omsk-135 suffered serious damage. The m/v Volga-Don-155 suffered slightly, only the paintwork of the dry-cargo ship was damaged.
There is no information about the injured. The cause of the accident is unknown.

In Arkhangelsk extinguished the fire on the m/v ""Solombala"".

A report on the fire on the ship ""Solombala"", moored for repair at one of the berths in the Solombala area of the port of Arkhangelsk, arrived at 08:01 MSK, September 21, 2018. As the press service of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region informs, at the time of the arrival of the Fire Units there was burning in one of the cabins on the deck of the vessel. To prevent the development of the fire, forces were sent to the place at the increased fire, the seven tank-vehicles and 28 personnel.

At 08:24 MSK fire was localized, and at 08:51 MSK it was eliminated. Damage from fire received a cabin the size of 3x4 m. The fire did not spread. There are no victims and injured, cause and damage from the incident reported.


The Russian trawler ""Zaliv Olgi"" caught fire while she was docked at Busan, Korea on February 28. The vessel was undergoing repairing operations when it got on fire.

According to local sources, the fire was caused from wielding operations that were taking place inside the vessel. The fire spread at an unprecedented rate around the superstructure, engulfing stern compartments and then the bridge. The superstructure compartments that caught fire were burned out.

Concluding, no injuries were reported from the incident.


On the Lithuanian ferry Regina Seaways in Russian waters, an explosion occurred in the engine room, the fire extinguished.

On the passenger ferry Regina Seaways under the flag of Lithuania in the Russian territorial waters of the Baltic Sea (10 miles from the border with Lithuania), an explosion occurred in the engine room, causing a fire. As a source in the Kaliningrad Seaport Authority told PortNews IAA, the fire has now been extinguished.

The Russian representatives of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the Lithuanian special services have already arrived at the scene of the incident. The rescue operation is coordinated at the Kaliningrad Marine Rescue Coordination Center (MSCC).

There are 335 people on board.


On the river Don the motor vessel “Salsk” ran aground with a load of wheat.

On 3133.5 km of the Don River (between the buoys 187 and 189) at 10:10 Moscow time, on October 7, 2018, the m/v Salsk ran aground. The vessels's port of registration St. Petersburg, the shipowner LLC Linter, cargo of wheat 3959 tons, diesel fuel 43.7 tons, 1010 kg of oil, 3.75 m of draft with a loss of draft of about 15 cm. According to the Rescue Coordination Center there is not suffered or oil spill. The channel is free.

A tugboat “Dobrynya” (shipowner FSUE “Rosmorport”, port of registration Rostov-on-Don) was sent to the scene.
All attempts to remove the vessel from the ground did not bring any result, it was decided to take an additional tug.

At 21:00 Moscow time, the second tug "Rogday" (port of registration Rostov-on-Don, the shipowner Aqualines LLC) was sent to the emergency vessel.

At 23:00, Moscow time, on October 7, the shipowner decided to suspend work on shooting from the ground of the emergency vessel until 11:00, Moscow time, on October 8, before approaching the sea tug "Zevs" from the sea.

M/v Fom (the flag of Panama) with a cargo of scrap metal began to sink in the region of Sevastopol. According to the State Marine Rescue Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot, there are 8 people on board (citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan). The vessel has a dangerous roll of 20 degrees, which increases. The captain asks to remove the crew. The m/v MINERVA MARNA (the flag of Greece) was sent to the ship.



Dry cargo vessel “Anatoly Krasheninnikov” sank in the Bay of Kambalny of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, November 9th. The ten members of the crew of the vessel were returned to the shore, and three more people are being searched.

According to the website of the regional authorities, the cargo vessel ""Anatoly Krasheninnikov"" was enroute from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Palana. The vessel transported 280 tons of building materials and equipment. According to preliminary information, there were 13 people on board, 10 of them were saved on safe raft, but the master and his two crew members are being searched.

“Search and rescue operations are complicated by adverse weather conditions and dark time of day. For the same reasons, it is not yet possible to involve aviation in the search operation"" - said the deputy chairman of the regional authority, Sergey Khabarov.

All crew members who managed to escape were taken aboard the ""Dalmos"" floating fishing base; nothing threatens their life and health. In the near future, people will be taken to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.