The Russian trawler Melkart capsized while launching in the Norwegian town of Kirkenes. The incident occurred on the evening of March 24, when the ship was launched, NRK reports. It is specified that the 53-meter “Melkart” was being repaired at the Kimek shipyard, and soon it was supposed to return to work. When launching, the trawler fell on its side and capsized. At that moment, there were eight people on board, none of them was injured.


The VolgoBalt 179, a dry cargo vessel with crew 13 on board sank in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania early on Thursday, March 11.

The Romanian offshore services company GSP Offshore reports that its GSP Falcon offshore vessel had received a distress call from the cargo ship at 04:40 local time. The cargo ship, which had been en route to the Romanian port of Constanta, sank 70 nautical miles off the coast in the Black Sea, most likely due to the very strong storm.

According to the report, Grup Servicii Petroliere has currently rescued ten people who are in the hospital of the GSP Falcon ship and receive the necessary assistance. However, two people died. Another crew member is being miss for in the sea, and the rescue operation continues.

Cargo vessel Volgo Balt 179 was built in 1973, flag the Comoras.

Russia’s emergencies ministry has confirmed that a fishing trawler with a crew of ten has lost way in the Barents Sea.

"On February 21, we received information that the main engine of the Polaris No МК0355 small trawler has failed in the Barents Sea, near the Rybachy Peninsula in the Murmansk region, were it was fishing. The trawler has a crew of ten," the press service of the Russian emergencies ministry told TASS on Sunday.
"The crewmembers are in satisfactory condition," the press service said, adding that a rescue ship is heading to the area.
On Sunday, in the Barents Sea off the Rybachy Peninsula, the main engine of the trawler Polaris, owned by the Murmansk company Nord-West F.K., failed. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there are 10 people on board, their health is satisfactory.

The rescue boat took the fishing trawler Polaris on a tow. It the day before lost a course because of an engine failure in the Barents Sea near Rybachy Peninsula. Vessels follow in port Murmansk.

“At about one o'clock in the morning, the Murmanryba tug arrived and began towing. The expected arrival time (at the port of Murmansk – ed.) Is today at 23.00,” the agency said. They added that the weather conditions are satisfactory: the wave is one meter, the wind is 10 meters per second, the temperature is minus 9 degrees.


According to the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office, on February 5, at about 14:00 local time, the floating dock PD-34 tilted to the left side on the territory of the shipyard of JSC "Sudoremservice". This happened while the fishing seiner "Khivach" was the rack-mounted vessel in the floating dock. The workers, used tugs, and brought the seiner out of the dock and moored to the berth, while the PD-34 floating dock sank. There were no casualties, no oil pollution occurred. The JSC "Shiporemservice" is being inspected for compliance with safety requirements during the operation of the ship repair facility. As a reminder, on February 2, the seiner Khivach was towed to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with the help of the Rubin Marine Rescue Service tug due to a screw breakage.

Floating Dock PD-34


The bulk carrier Arvin (ex: Volgo Balt 189), sank off the coast of Turkey in the area of ​​Inkumu.

A rescue operation has begun to rescue 15 crew members in three lifeboats. The operation is complicated by unfavorable weather conditions. Two crew members of the bulk carrier Arvin were killed. The number of rescued sailors from the bulk carrier increased to five.

The press service of Rosmorrechflot specified: “According to our information, there were 12 people on board the sunken ship. The owner of the vessel is a Ukrainian company”,



Late in the evening 14.01.2021 near Astrakhan, M/V "KOMPOZITOR GASANOV", registered to the Astrakhan port, ran aground.

The incident took place in the north of the Caspian Sea. There are sixteen crew on board, no casualties, food and water will last for two weeks. As reported in the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Astrakhan region, the ship was not damaged; there is no pollution of the sea area either.
The ships traffic was not suspended. Soon the work will begin to remove the vessel from the shallows, according to local media.




Three motor vessels ran aground in three days in the Astrakhan region.

On December 7, at 15:45 local time (14:45 Moscow time), in the operational duty shift of the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Astrakhan region, a was received that in the Ikryaninsky district near the settlement of Fedorovka in the Bakhtemir river, 50 km cargo vessel "Parmis" ran aground of the shipping channel.
According to the press service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, the hull of the vessel is intact, the water area is not polluted. The m/v “Georgiy Sedov” will be engaged to carry out the work on removing the m/v “Parmis” from the shallows. Earlier, "Astrakhan 24" reported similar incidents in the Volga-Caspian Sea Shipping Canal, when the m/v "Omsk-111" and m/v "Port-Olya-2" ran aground. "Omsk-111" was removed from the shallows during the day, but "Port-Olya-2" still remains at the scene.