On Wednesday, September 9, in Togliatti, one of the four barges towed by the m/v "Valentin Troegubov" crashed into the repair sash of the Samara RGiS lock. This happened at 7:25 LT.

The m/v "Valentin Troegubov" transported technical salt from Akhtubinsk to Novocheboksarsk. The left forward barge crashed into the lock.

“As a result of the collision, 8 wooden beams on the lining of the sluice gates were damaged, however, the barge has no damage, the cargo is not scattered,” said the Volga Transport Prosecutor's Office, which has already begun checking the implementation of legislation on the safety of navigation.

The preliminary version of what happened is the weather conditions in Togliatti. Recall that in 63 regions on September 9, a Yellow Hazard Level was declared due to heavy rain and wind.