In connection with the grounding of m/v ""Port Olya-2"", which occurred on March 18, 2020 in the region of 143.4th km of the Volga-Caspian Sea Shipping Channel (VCSC), in order to ensure the safety of navigation and the mooring of vessels in the waters of the seaport of Olya, the ship traffic on the leg 142.5-144.5 km of VCSC is prohibited. The order was signed by the acting port by captain Alexander Chernov.

The order instructed the ship owner TransMorFlot LLC to take immediate measures to remove the the m/v Port Olya-2 from the shallows. The FSUE ""Rosmorport"" Astrakhan branch, after removing the ship from the shallows, to ensure the survey of the bottom topography on the leg 142.5-144.5th km of the VCSC