25th Sept. 2021
Russian and Turkish cargo ships collided in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait

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15.09.2021  - Trawler "Alexey Maryshev" stranded on rocks at Kara Sea

(15 сентября судно «Алексей Марышев», которое следовало в порт Сабетта, получило сигнал бедствия от траулера «Капитан Воронин», находившегося в 63 милях — в проливе Югорский Шар Карского моря)

In Tokyo, the circumstances of the collision of two fishing vessels near the island of Hokkaido are being investigated by the Japanese authorities are clarifying the circumstances of the collision of Japanese and Russian fishing vessels, which occurred on Wednesday, May 26, in the Sea of Okhotsk.

As reported by TASS news agency with reference to the Japanese Maritime Safety Administration, patrol ships were sent to the scene of the collision. The surviving fishermen who were on board the Japanese ship during the collision were taken ashore, no threat to their lives. It is clarified that the incident occurred 23 km off the coast of the Japanese island of Hokkaido. As a result of the collision, the Japanese ship capsized, three of the five fishermen on board were killed.

The Russian fishing vessel Amur, which collided with a Japanese fishing vessel, in turn belongs to the Sakhalin fishing company Amurskoye, registered in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. According to Interfax, there were 24 people on board, all citizens of the Russian Federation. The captain reported that there were no casualties.



Dry cargo ship "Port Olya - 4" was removed from the shallows in VKMSK The vessel, which ran aground on May 10, having blocked the Volga-Caspian shipping channel, was removed with the help of the Vepr tug.

The dry cargo ship "Port Olya - 4" at 18:00 (17:00 Moscow time) on May 13, 2021 was removed from the shallows at 155 km of the Volga-Caspian Sea Shipping Canal (VKMSK). As local media report with reference to the press service of the Main Directorate (GU) of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Astrakhan region, the cargo ship moved to the exit from the VKMSK.

That in the northern part of the Caspian Sea, at 155 km of VKMSK, dry cargo ship "Port Olya-4" (home port of Olya port) ran aground, arrived at 02:15 (01:15 Moscow time) on May 10, 2021 ... Route: Olya port, RF - Amirabad port, Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Dry cargo vessel "Port Olya-4" ran aground, blocking navigation to VKMSK (Volga-Caspian Channel). There are no casualties or oil pollutions.

The message that in the northern part of the Caspian Sea, at 155 km of the Volga-Caspian Sea Navigable Canal (VKMSK), dry cargo ship "Port Olya-4" (home port of Olya port) ran aground, received at 02:15 (01:15 Moscow time) May 10, 2021. This was reported by the press service of the main department (GU) EMERCOM of Russia in the Astrakhan region. There is no damage to the hull of the vessel, there is no pollution of the water area.

Route: Olya port, RF - Amirabad port, Islamic Republic of Iran. Interaction with the MRCC, the administration of the Olya seaport was organized. The movement of ships is suspended. Measures to remove the vessel from aground will be planned after the improvement of meteorological conditions (in the northern part of the Caspian Sea, overshoot phenomena are observed).

On April 28, at about 8 am, the emergency services of the Arkhangelsk Region received a message about a fire in the dry cargo ship "Taimyr", moored at the dock of the port "Economia".
According to the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the forces and means of the Arkhangelsk fire and rescue team, overall of 9 units of equipment and 33 personnel were sent to the place.

At the time of the arrival of the first fire and rescue unit, black smoke was observed escaping from the second hold. The fire was assigned a difficulty rank of 1-bis, and a firefighting headquarters was deployed. The dry cargo ship is equipped with a volumetric fire extinguishing system. In the hold, where the fire occurred, the fire extinguishing system was switched on, upon completion of the work of which three links of the gas and smoke protection service worked in an environment unsuitable for breathing.

Special firefighting equipment was in readiness. Fire extinguishing work was complicated by the fact that there was a cargo of 146 tons of insulation in the hold, which needed to be unloaded. At 12:01 the open burning was stopped, at 12:31 the fire was completely liquidated. The total area of the fire was 80 sq. m.

There were no casualties - the crew members evacuated to the pier on their own. The causes of the incident and the final damage remain to be determined.

M/V TAIMYR (IMO: 8821797) is a General Cargo that was built in 1990, under the flag of Russia.
The vessel is carrying capacity is 12150 t DWT and her current draught is reported to be 5.9 meters. Length overall (LOA) is 129.5 meters and her width is 18.9 meters.